Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Question

Tonight Ford and I were laying in his bed talking and he asked THE QUESTION...
Ford: Mommy, how did Baby Duncan get in your tummy?
Me: Well, sweetie, God put him there.
Ford: But how did he get IN there?
Me: God decided we needed another baby and he put him in mommy's tummy.
Ford: Did you have to eat him?
Don't you just love how the 3-year-old mind works!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

2009 In Pictures

Since I've been the world's worst blogger lately, I thought I'd do one catch-up post for 2009! I know that's not going to completely satisfy some of you (Papa & Dede), but I vow to be a better blogger in 2010!

January...Ford moved into his big boy bed, got his first real haircut by Mrs. Sharon, we had Shealy's baby shower, and we all got the stomach bug.

February...Luke was dedicated to the Lord and Papa, Dede and the Rays came to visit. precious niece, Kate, was born and it snowed;)

April...we spent lots of time playing outside, went to lots of Easter Egg Hunts, Joseph and I had a weekend away thanks to Granny and Crawdaddy, and Ford went fishing for the first time.

May...we spent a week in Charleston with this crazy crew!

June...Mark & Jennie celebrated their 10th anniversary with a fabulous trip so Parker and Maryn got to stay with us for a week! sweet baby turned ONE and demolished his birthday cake in 2.5 seconds - I've never seen anything like it!

August...Jennie, Parker, Ford and I surprised Dede in Seattle for her 50th birthday! Little did we know that someone else was along for the ride...another little Martin! We found out we were having another baby and I think Joseph is still recovering from the shock! William "Duncan" Martin will hopefully arrive in April...a perfect FINAL addition to our family!

September...Joseph turned the BIG 3-0 and the Rays came to help celebrate!

October...we went to a million birthday parties got lots of candy for Halloween! The boys were doctors and Kate was the cutest little chick you've ever seen!

November...Ford turned 3 and we had cupcakes in the park with all of his friends!

December...Christmas!!!! The boys loved every second of it, and we were so happy Papa and Dede were here to celebrate with us! Ford still gets sad and asks why we took down Jesus' tree and birthday decorations!