Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fordisms and a Mom Tip of the Day

While we were playing dinosaurs and I was the damsel in distress:
Me: "Oh, you are such a scary dinosaur!"
Ford: "No, Mommy, I'm not a scary dinosaur; I'm just a handsome boy!"
While driving by the new CVS:
"Look, Mommy, there's QVC!"
While eating lunch the other day:
Ford: "Mommy, I'm so sad."
Me: "What's the matter, punks?"
Ford: "I didn't get to sing Happy Birthday to Emma."
He then proceeds to lay his head down on the table for a few seconds while I try to call Jennie so he can sing to Emma (whose birthday was 2 weeks ago). She could not be reached. He picks his little head up and says, "I think a popsicle would make me feel happy!"
The boy knows how to work it.
And I love it.
A few Mom Tips for you:
Tip: Have all supplies ready before bath begins.
No matter how fast you can get pajamas out of a drawer from a room that is attached to the bathroom, your 1-year-old will be faster and will make it from the hallway, where he just got lotioned, diapered, and pajamed, to the tub and will end up face first back in the tub with his brother who will give you no warning that this is occuring.
Tip: Don't put your baby's crib next to a light switch.
For some reason, they don't sleep when the light is on. Who would have thought? The crib was just moved the crib by the light switch because said baby pulled the curtain holder out of the wall in the crib's first position. Crib will now reside in the middle of the room. I'm thinking that's not going to stop this guy from wreaking havoc on something else; I've just got to stay one step ahead of him...
Any tips?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Friday, July 3, 2009

Birthday Boy

Happy Birthday, Wild Man! I can't believe you are already 1! You melt my heart a million times a day; but how could you not, with that precious grin and that dimple! You are such a happy boy, but I have a feeling we're in for a crazy ride with you. You are into EVERYTHING, especially the dog bowl and the floor vents - you can get the cover off of one in 3 seconds flat! There's no telling what you've dropped down that hole! You had a BIG time with your birthday cake. I don't think I've ever seen a baby enjoy his cake more! It took you two seconds to realize you had a huge chunk of sugar in front of you before you started shoveling in fistfuls into your sweet mouth! You gave everyone a good laugh!

For the record, you have 4 teeth - two on top, two on bottom. You had your top teeth for about 5 days before you chipped one of them - we don't call you Wild Man for nothing! You weigh around 22 pounds, but you've really leaned down since you started crawling a month ago. You will eat anything we put in front of you, which is a big change from your big brother! You think Ford is really funny, although he's not totally wild about you since you seem to want everything he has. I know the two of you will be big buddies this time next year!

We love you, precious boy! I can't imagine our lives without you. You are such a sweet gift from God!

Love, Mommy