Monday, December 31, 2007

Tales of a Misspent Youth

This is the sight Joseph and I woke to the day after Christmas! A brand new shiny Volvo in the lot they just cleared next to us! Come to find out, it belongs to some kid who got it for Christmas and was taking it out for a joy ride Christmas night and somehow ended up in a mess! The kid and his dad came to clear his stuff out that day, and I swear the boy didn't look older than 12...what is he doing in a brand-new Volvo that he obviously doesn't know how to treat with respect??? He told our contractor he was trying to turn around...I'm not buying it, considering we live in a circle! And instead of knocking on our door or the house next to the lot, he somehow managed to climb a 10-foot fence, walk across a huge field, avoid 6 BIG dogs, and knock on the door of the house far behind us. Hmmmmm....
Thanks Becca for the Christmas pajamas!!
We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! This was about as good of a picture as I got...which isn't really saying much! Ford got lots of fun toys, books, and puzzles, which has made his mommy very happy to have new things to occupy him! I've moved my office to our house, so I'm interested to see how we manage once the holidays are over.
Ford is officially walking as of two weeks ago, but he's a very reluctant walker. He'll only do it if you set him down and not give him a choice! That kid would much rather crawl everywhere, which has inspired me to keep the house clean since the knees on all of his pants are looking a little rough!
We've had some hard days in the Martin home. Nothing major, but Ford has just been incredibly fussy, has been up at night coughing, and his eating has not gotten any better. We went to the doctor this morning, and he has a double ear infection and she was really concerned about his weight. He's only gained 2 ozs since his birthday 2 months ago. Every meal is a battle with us. Ford just screams when we feed him, and really the only things he'll eat with any consistency are yogurt and cereal bars. If he feeds himself, he'll put the food in his mouth, chew for a little bit, and then spit it out without swallowing. I think we both dread lunch and dinner time. Dr. Young prescribed him Zantac this morning, thinking maybe he has reflux or heartburn. I am PRAYING this is the answer. She said we probably won't be able to tell a difference for a couple of weeks, so I'll keep you posted! Please say a prayer for us if you think about it!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

A Few House Pics

Here are some pictures of the kitchen and the backyard! I LOVE my kitchen! I haven't done much more than use the microwave up to this point, but I LOVE it! The kitchen is the only finished room thus far, so it's the only one I'm sharing. Sorry the picture is so dark, I couldn't get my flash to work.

View from the butler's pantry, which connects the kitchen and dining room

The cabinets are a work in progress. The painters splattered the chocolate glaze all over the cabinets on the right, so they're coming back after Christmas to fix them. They just covered them in plastic like I wouldn't, yeah, I noticed.

The patio and deck - we have doors that open from our bedroom and from the kitchen.

This is the area where we'll put a swingset for Ford this summer.

The dogs have made themselves right at home! They weren't happy at being left outside the other day, so they dug a few holes to get back at us. They've never been diggers before, so if anyone has any tips to make them stop, let us know!

This is Ford after he got his hand popped for playing with the candle. I'm determined to not clear my coffee table and everything else in the house. He's a pretty obedient little boy, but he likes to test his limits! I know this might not work, but I'm willing to try for now!

Ford and his best buddy, Jack
Sweet Jack just lays there and lets Ford climb all over him!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

We've been a little busy...

Sorry for the lack of posting...we've been BUSY!! We are in the new house - HOORAY! I'll do a moving post when I have a little more time, but I thought I'd post a picture of Ford for now. Notice his little feet - and not the one shoe on, one shoe off - that's how he sits in his booster seat, with his sweet little legs crossed! Adorable! He's adjusted quite well to the move. All he wants to do is climb the stairs and watch all the big trucks outside. He'll stand at the window in the dining room with a dog on either side and watch all the trucks go by. They've started clearing the lot next to us, so we'll have free entertainment for a couple of months!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Girls' Weekend

Me, Ashley, Lenz, Allyson, Molly, and Allie

The Hostesses & the Guest(s) of Honor

Ashley and I hosted a girls' weekend in honor of Lenzie and Knox this past weekend! It was so great to have time with just the girls, thanks to my super-fabulous husband taking care of Ford the entire weekend. Thank you, Joseph!! Molly flew all the way from Ohio to be here! We ate, shopped, talked, and laughed a lot. It makes we wish all these girls lived right around the corner from me! I love all of you tons...and I am so excited to meet little Knox Lane! I hope you enjoy your papasan swing and bouncy seat as much as your buddy Ford did!