Thursday, September 18, 2008

Joseph is 29!!

Happy birthday to my dear sweet husband! I wish I had time for a long post detailing the billions of reasons I love this birthday boy, but both boys are waking up from naps and duty calls! I love you, honey!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

current faves

In no particular order...

1. Babytrend double jogging stroller - this makes me want to go walking in the mornings! I LOVE it and highly recommend it! Luke has been in it since he was about 3 weeks old, I just put a rolled blanket around his head for a little extra support. I don't use it as my everyday stroller because it's quite large in the back of my car, but it's a must if you plan to lose that baby weight by walking or running with the kiddos!
2. Fiberone Oats & Chocolate Bars - my perfect snack! I'm hungry ALL the time due to nursing, and these are almost as good as a Snickers...almost:)

3. Babywise - I know this book is controversial, but I tell you what, it has saved my sanity! We used it with Ford from the beginning, but with Luke's early entry into the world I kept putting it off. I started my version of baby boot camp this week and it's been fabulous! He's taking 2 2-hour naps and 1 1-hour nap consistently everyday like clockwork! He's still waking up once in the night, but he's not at 12 pounds yet and Jennie tells me that's the magic number. Since she's the best (and most experienced) mom I know, I tend to take her word on just about everything!
4. Peanut Shell Sling - a must for for #2. I can get so much done - be it laundry, dishes, or playing outside with Ford - while Luke just chills in the sling. We take a walk around the neighborhood most afternoons while waiting for Joseph to get home from work and I use this to keep my hands free to grab Ford as he attempts to dart off the sidewalk every chance he gets!
I would like to point out that while that is my sling, that is neither me nor my child {I think my baby's cuter than that one - but I'm slightly biased}
5. Epidurals - have I mentioned there wasn't time for one of these with Luke? Man, oh man, it was not a pretty sight. I screamed just like the crazy women on tv do. And he was only 5-3!
6. Facebook - my latest addiction! As if I needed something else to fill up my time!
7. These little guys - 2 of my 3 most favorite people ever! Ford is loving school, loving his choo choos, and loving his little brother! And Luke just gets bigger by the minute! He's really long! He's in 3-6 month clothes now and some are already short in the stride and he's only 11 weeks old! Some days may be crazy around here, but I wouldn't trade a single second of it!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Controlled Chaos

We had a great weekend in Charlotte - for having 5 kids 3 and under, and 4 of them under 2, it was surprisingly easy! Ford had a cold (which he passed on to his momma) and was a little cranky, and Luke didn't sleep all that great at night, but all in all, the weekend was way more successful than I ever could have imagined! We even took all 5 kids to the mall to play on the indoor playground. Those Ray kids are as cute as they come! Parker is smart as a whip, and Maryn is an absolute doll. She is talking so much now and it gets me so excited for Ford to start talking more! She just loves on everyone, especially the babies. And Emma is precious...I thought she looked like Maryn, but now I think she looks more like Parker's baby pictures. I sure do love my nephew and nieces! It makes me really excited to find out what Shealy is
The first picture is of Ford and Maryn at around 3 months, and the second is Luke and Emma at 8 and 7 weeks! Maryn is 7 days older than Ford and Luke is 8 days older than Emma. Jennie keeps telling me I'm on my own next time around, but with kids as cute as hers, it would be a shame not to have another one! Thanks for a great visit, sweet family! November can't come soon enough!
And by the way, my littlest man is 2 months old today! It seems like he's always been with us! The one word I'd use to describe Luke is content. The child didn't make a peep in his car seat the entire 6 1/2 hours trip both ways. He's sleeping pretty well at night - sometimes he'll go 9:30 to 5, which is amazing considering his adjusted age is only 3 weeks! He weighed 10-11 at the doctor yesterday, which means he's more than doubled his birth weight! You always wonder if you'll love the second as much as the first - the answer is YES!!! He has my heart in a different way than Ford does. Ford's my little pistol, and Luke seems happy to sit back and watch. I wonder how long that will last! I adore my boys...we are blessed!
Last thing - a tip for all you moms out there: if you have to give your baby medicine, put it in the nipple of a bottle and let them suck it out. One of the nurses in the NICU taught me this trick and it worked like a charm this morning! I waited until Luke was hungry and he sucked that stuff down in record timing! I always worry about how much they're getting of an antibiotic and how much ends up being spit out, but this is a sure thing!