Wednesday, March 23, 2011

::duncan's 1-year stats::
weight: 21.13 - 30%
height: 30 inches - 55%
head: 75%
he was down a pound from our last visit, so if it weren't for that pesky stomach bug, i think it would have been in the same percentile as his height. and he's carrying on the martin tradition of having a big ol' noggin!

Monday, March 21, 2011


::my baby is ONE::
i am still in shock.
this year has gone by in a blink.
after delaying his party due to a nasty stomach bug,
we finally got to get our cake on last night.
it was also our 7th anniversary,
& i can't think of a better way to celebrate.
i asked joseph if he thought we'd have 3 kids in 7 years.
he said, "maybe, but i sure didn't think we'd have 3 kids in 3 years!"
this little boy is my heart.
he brings so much joy to our family.
and he sure can TEAR UP some cake!
he started out slow, not sure what to think.
but once he got a little taste and knew it was sweet,
he was all about it!

::we LOVE you, duncs!::

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


::i broke a pretty big parenting rule the other day.::
i handed my baby to a stranger.
a perfectly nice stranger, but a stranger.
we were at the chick-fil-a playground and my middle man
would not come down.
not with bribes, not with threats, nothing.
ford tried holding his hand down the slide,
then with my permission pushing him down...
so i turned to a nice-looking lady and said,
"i know you don't know me, but will you please hold my baby?"
{who had a diiiiirty diaper and smelled like spit-up}
and i shimmied up the playset and retrieved my rascal of a son.
those things are not made for people in their 30s.
people didn't know they were getting lunch AND a show!
i'm sure we were quite a sight.
we won't be going back any time soon!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

happy birthday, kate-kate!

happy 2nd birthday, sweet girl!
we love you so much!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

{a reminder}

::even though ford is only 4, he's always been the "big" boy::
he was only 20 months old when he became the big brother,
and had just turned 3 when it happened again,
so he's always seemed so big in comparison to the little guys.
::every once in a while, i'll get a reminder he's still my baby too::
today, he asked me to carry him upstairs for rest time.
he wrapped his arms around me, squeezed me tight,
and put his head right in the crook of my neck.
and he felt just like my baby again.
::and then he tooted::
right on my hand.
3 times.
he laughed and laughed,
and said, 'gotcha!'
::they sure do grow up fast!::

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

::the tie::

a couple of weeks ago, ford asked joseph when he was going to be a daddy.

joseph told him that first he had to fall in love, then he would get married, and then he would have kids of his own.

ford said, "daddy, i can't get married! i don't have a tie!"

so when i saw this little number when i was out buying the boys new khakis for duncan's dedication, i couldn't help but snag it! contrary to the picture, he loved it...mainly because he looked just like daddy.

and buddy, just because you have a tie now doesn't mean marriage is anywhere in your near future!