Thursday, July 8, 2010

Puzzle Prodigy

ford LOVES puzzles...i mean he LOVES them. he's an early riser, and the boys have to stay in their rooms until 7 every morning, so he usually does legos or puzzles when he wakes up until mommy drags her tired self out of bed. yesterday morning, i walked in his room to find that he had done a 100 piece puzzle all by himself!!! i was shocked! he was so proud of himself. i told him he could come downstairs and he said, "i need 30 more minutes, mommy" and then proceeded to do 3 more 48 piece puzzles before coming down for breakfast. joseph used to do puzzles all the time with his bea, so i guess ford gets it from him!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

birthday boy

my lukey is 2!! where to even begin...this little man is my heart! he is the snuggliest, cuddliest, kissingest boy on earth! and it's a good thing, because he's also one of the most mischievous too!

he loves: cars, trucks, push toys, trains, throwing tissue in the potty, jack & mac, turning over water bowls, destroying his big brother's puzzles, being outside, chips and french fries, drinking juice, buttons and switches, mickey mouse clubhouse, things that light up, rocking with mommy before bedtime, anything his brother is playing with, his rainboots, and hiding things in obscure locations.

he doesn't love: eating, getting in his carseat, coming inside, room time, being told no, swimming, leaving granny's house, not getting to play in the fridge, not getting to play with the computer and fax when mommy is working, mommy working and not giving him 100% of my undivided attention, and cats (he's allergic).

He is a mama's boy, loves his brothers but torments the big one and pats the little one a bit too rough, smiles with his eyes, has a dimple that melts my heart, has a great laugh, runs instead of walks, and gets into everything he shouldn't! I think I say "Where's Luke?" at least 40 times a day. His granny is his most favorite person and he asks to go to her house from sun-up to sundown. He talks a lot but I have no idea what he's saying most of the time. He makes the funniest expressions and is almost always wearing the hat the Rays gave for his birthday. I think he's as cute as they come and he is absolutely adored!

big boy bike

Papa and Dede got Ford his first 'real' bike as an early birthday present and he LOVES it! Joseph and Debbie took him to get it and they said he hopped on at the back of the store,

rode it to the front register and said, "We'd like to buy this, please!" while sitting on it! He looks so big and he has already put many miles on it! Thanks so much, Papa and Dede!!!