Thursday, June 9, 2011

::have you missed us?::

::we're still here!::

just CRAZY busy!

the boys are out of school for the summer,

and other than VBS next week,

we have no big plans.

but this mama still has a job...

and no childcare...

so things have gotten even wilder around the martin casa!

i've rearranged my work so i have every morning free

and then work every afternoon.

we're all adjusting and my plan is just to

wear them out every morning so they're content

to stick around here in the afternoons!

{i may or may not have resorted to bribery a few times

with a happy hour slush from sonic}

::and this guy has decided to make things interesting and cries ALL.DAY.LONG::

bless his little heart...and mine...and his brothers'...and anyone else

that is forced into contact with him.

for some reason, he seems to snap out of it when daddy walks in the door.

crazy, right?

he just has a gift:)